Many singers struggle with confidence even if they have been performing for years. A lack of confidence can have a huge impact on the way a performer sings. 

Working on confidence can be a slow process and it's important not to give up hope. By using various methods the student will gradually learn to trust in their ability and gain a new motivation so they are ready to perform again. 

Whether having sung for two days or twenty years a singer should always be working towards developing good technique.

If a performer is using their vocal folds incorrectly this could lead to vocal injury and prevent a professional singer from getting work.

Good vocal technique could improve the student's range and help the songs they sing become more varied and more interesting to listen to. 


What are you looking to achieve from your singing lessons?

Although it is always nice to have a singing lesson to work towards a performance or that big audition we also need to remember the main reason we all love to sing.... and that's for fun!

Whether it is belting out that high note or softly crooning a ballad, singing feels good. So if you would just like the opportunity to sing your favourite songs then that sounds wonderful to me.  

It's a combination of all of the above that lead to a more rounded and prepared singer. 

Don't worry if none of these stand out to you, we will always work towards a range of aims and outcomes depending on the performer themselves. 



Guildford Singing Teacher

Just For Fun

Working on a singer's repertoire makes for a fun and productive lesson. Increasing the number of songs a performer can sing, means that the student is prepared for any audition.

It is a good idea to have a variety of styles and tempos for the performer to choose from and ensuring they are kept up to a great standard means that the singer is ready for anything.

Working on building your repertoire is also ideal for cabaret singers so that they have enough varied material for an evening of performing.